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Writing & Development

I help both individuals and organizations write and develop content, and I can begin working with you at any stage in your project—from the first seed of an idea to a developed piece. Please get in touch if you'd like to explore working together, and I will craft a proposal to the particulars of your project. 


Many nonprofit organizations and educational institutions have important stories to tell and new audiences to reach, but not the time or knowhow to put together a book, multimedia project, or other story vehicle. I bring publishing knowledge and writing skills to develop content that connects your work and mission with a larger audience. I can help explore and answer such questions as:

With whom would you like to connect? Is this story best shared with children or adults? If with children, what age group? If with adults, what reading populous? Do you want to tailor your project for an established audience, or craft it in order to expand your audience? 

What form should your story take? Would your story best connect with readers as a physical object (printed book)? Or would it reach them better as an e-book or other web-based document? Maybe an app would be the best vehicle for your story. Or maybe you'd like to reach multiple kinds of readers across multiple platforms.

How can you tell your story most compellingly? This is the fun part, and it involves asking a big question: Where is the magic? What aspects of your story will engage, inspire, amuse, touch, move your readers to action? What story forms and structures would best highlight that magic? You could share personal tales of people involved with or impacted by your work, recruit writers to craft essays around your work and its impacts, create a fictional story for kids that brings your work alive, curate artworks across a variety of media that speak to your efforts—or some combination of the above.

How can you make your story the strongest it can be? Once you've settled on a form and structure for your story, I can help you through the writing and editorial process: further developing the content, honing the voice or voices, fine-tuning the structure and pace, checking the facts, smoothing the flow, curating the images and/or other media, directing the design, editing for grammatical soundness, and finally proofreading your finished product.

How can you bring your story to readers? I can help you navigate the process of seeking a publisher or agent for your book, self-publishing your book, or connecting with a web developer or app designer. I can also help connect you with marketing, publicity, and sales contacts and information. 


Storytelling and Social Change: A Strategy Guide

A project of the nonprofit Working Narratives, this is a free guide of methods and techniques for writers, artists, organizers, organizations, and anyone else who wants to use storytelling in service of positive social change.

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