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Molly edited my QUIRKY BERKELEY. I have worked with a dozen editors in the past, and she was the best. Purely and simply the best. She saw where it should go and got me there, laughing all the way.
— Tom Dalzell, author
As an editor, Molly Woodward is the best. She has not only impeccable technical skills, but a superb sensitivity about where the strength of a piece resides and how to work with an author to bring it out. Whether doing a major restructuring or simply fine-tuning language, she’s joy to work with. This is a professional recommendation, but it’s personal as well. Now that I’ve retired from publishing, I’ll be devoting my time to writing, and I plan to use her to edit my own work.
— Malcolm Margolin, publisher emeritus, Heyday
Molly Woodward is the kind of editor that a publisher dreams of: conscientious, on time, and happy to go the extra mile. I highly recommend her!
— Nicole Geiger, Publishing Consultant, Yosemite Conservancy
Molly is an amazing editor. I’ve worked as an editor myself for over twenty years, only recently switching to the author role. So as we worked together I had an eye on how she approached the editorial process from an inside perspective. Here are some of the reasons I love working with Molly: She is kind, open-hearted, has a sharp eye, but delivers feedback with grace and humility. Our work together feels like conversation—never dictation. She has a strong editorial vision but delivers it with a light touch. And I love how collaborative she is. I have only positive things to say about Molly as an editor, and as a person, and can recommend her whole-heartedly. You will be lucky if you have the pleasure of working with her!
— Laura Atkins, author, editor, and teacher
Molly Woodward is a wondrous editor who makes suggestions from a place of honesty and compassion, who empowers writers toward finding their own solutions in their own words, who cares about your projects as much as you do. Thank you, Molly, for sharing your talents, your imagination, your heart.
— Elaine Miller Bond, author, Running Wild and Living Wild
Having worked with a variety of editors on thirty-five picture books, I can say without reservation that Molly Woodward is one of the very best. Her sensitivity to language, constructively critical mind, insightfulness, passion, and thoughtfulness make her a joy to work with. She is encouraging in every way, wanting the best for a book and consistently going beyond the call to acheive that. I was struck, for example, how at the start of my work on THE HORRIBLY HUNGRY GINGERBREAD BOY, Molly researched and provided me with a full history of and intriguing details about the original story. She patiently read and reread draft after draft of my text, pushing me to find the very best word choice, rhythm, and phrasing. Molly’s combination of kindness, conscientiousness, and wisdom make her a truly exceptional editor. Any writer would be lucky to work with her.
— Elisa Kleven, children's author
I’ve never experienced better editing. What I especially appreciated was Molly’s sensitivity and dexterity in preserving my writing style, while at the same time challenging me to be more precise in my sentence structure and selection of adjectives and metaphors.
— Carlos Cortés, author
Molly Woodward is a wonderful editor, and I’ve hired her—and hope to hire her in the future—for a wide range of projects. She’s careful, reliable, and knowledgable, but she’s also persuasive and flexible. Most important, my authors all agree!
— Gayle Wattawa, editorial director, Heyday